West Tower Wedding Photography

West Tower winter Wedding Photographer

Winter Wedding Photography

Winter wedding photography is usually associated with fur capes and sleighs. Although in Britain this typically entails moody skies rather than snow, our weather can result in atmospheric and memorable photos. I hope you enjoy these images from Katie and Owen’s wedding.

When I first met the couple, Katie says they ‘were sold on the gorgeous, informal photos…they just seemed to capture the moments and emotions perfectly.’

The couple had been to friends’ wedding at the West Tower the previous year and knew it was the venue for them with its rolling fields and traditional but classic look.

Owen proposed to Katie after a meal he’d cooked – surprisingly she didn’t clock that something was going on! Both families were waiting on tenterhooks for a call with the (hopefully!) good news, ready to come over and celebrate.

Liverpool Wedding Dress

Katie admits that their biggest splurge was the wedding dress. Having trawled Pinterest for ideas, she had originally settled on a tight fitting backless gown – before deciding that if she couldn’t wear a big dress on her wedding day, when could she?! Despite wearing it only once, she says Owen’s face when she walked down the aisle justified the cost.

To save money, the couple made their own stationary and accessories ahead of the big day. Owen is a car fanatic and named the tables after different brands.

Wedding Ceremony and Speeches

The ceremony was attended by 70 loved ones. Katie walked down the aisle to How Long Will I Love You, ensuring there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The father of the bride’s speech was full of inappropriate humour, whilst Owen sobbed throughout his own – stopping just long enough to refer to his new wife as ‘the old ball and chain’! The best man had some hilarious stories to tell and couldn’t resist sharing photos of Owen dressed up in a myriad of ridiculous costumes.

As a wedding photographer, I can appreciate how easy it is to get swept up in the festivities and forget that two people have just committed themselves to each other for life, so whilst the couple took a stroll through the West Tower grounds I took a few unobtrusive shots – a good opportunity to get some winter wedding photography in.

First Dance and Evening Reception

At the evening reception, the couple opted for first dance classic Marry Me by Train. For these former café workers, the lyrics ‘if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this café’ are particularly poignant.

Wedding DJ Steve Mitchell made sure the dance floor was packed with cheesy 90s pop. Katie says, ‘I kept saying I was going to go outside to cool off for but each time an even better song came on so I couldn’t leave the dance floor!’