Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography

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The wedding of Helen and Paul at the Oak Tree of Peover

I always look forward to shooting in Cheshire because of its picturesque landscapes, so Helen and Paul’s wedding looked set to be a real treat. I hope you enjoy my Oak Tree of Peover wedding photography.

Located in the heart of the countryside, our wedding venue was ideal for taking photographs. The exposed oak beams gave the space a lovely rustic feel, whilst modern floor to ceiling windows flooded the room with natural light to ensure optimum photographic conditions. Giving the space a pop of colour were tasteful flower arrangements by Red Door Design, reminiscent of a wild spring garden. The bride’s dress, with its gorgeous scalloped train, really comes into its own in these photographs.

Beautiful, rustic and tasteful wedding at the Oak Tree of Peover

Working alongside me on the day would be photographer Thomas, a fellow Frenchman – did someone say The French Connection? Other familiar faces included Vicky and Anna, in charge of hair and makeup up in the bridal suite. To finish off the look Helen opted for a relatively simple gown by Provonias, and I think the delicate embroidery photographs beautifully.

With the knot tied, it was time to enjoy some sunshine and canapés. Tasty treats took inspiration from a range of cuisines, although there were luckily some mini sausages to top off this quintessential English wedding! Entertaining guests were Suzy on vocals and Alex on guitar, adding a lovely bit of extra ambience. 

The Golden hour, sunrise or sunset at the Oak Tree of Peover

In the meantime, the happy couple took some time to decompress and explore the surrounding parkland. The risk of a British wedding, of course, is that even in spring a venue’s glorious grounds will go to waste if there’s a downpour! But, we were lucky. My Oak Tree of Peover wedding photography was especially successful thanks to the wide range of backdrops at my disposal. I really enjoyed experimenting with composition for these shots and am especially fond of the image featuring flowers in the foreground, giving the impression we’re peeking on a private moment. Also, notice how I switched to black and white photography to reflect the timelessness of marriage – look out for this technique during especially poignant moments

The golden hour – that is, the hour before sunrise or after sunset – is often a photographer’s favourite time to shoot because the colours are redder and softer, giving the sky a spectacular hue whilst changing minute by minute. I love this silhouette of the couple gazing into the distance, as if towards their future; nothing around them stays the same, yet the couple remains solid both in light and darkness

A selection of wedding documentary photos taken at the Oak Tree of Peover​

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Now it was time to let loose, courtesy of The Marytone live band. In contrast to my black and white photography, you’ll notice these images are colourful and vibrant in order to capture the sense of fun and celebration. I hope this post has given you a glimpse into the mind of a wedding photographer. If you’re a fan of my Oak Tree of Peover wedding photography and would like to book me for your special day, please do get in touch for a chat. An enormous congratulations to Helen and Paul. I hope you’ll be very happy together.

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