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Master of wedding Photography Award Liverpool

I am humbled and proud to announce that I have been awarded the coveted Masters of Wedding Photography Award, which celebrates the work of professionals throughout the UK and Ireland.

The competition is judged by an interchanging jury of globally renowned wedding photographers, who present awards for the most exceptional and innovative images every three months. The award recognises in particular my Storrs Hall Hotel wedding photographer , and I am thrilled to call myself a Master of UK Wedding Photography.

Documentary Wedding Photography in Liverpool

The image which earned me recognition was taken in the Lake District. Becki & Rich’s special day would take place at Storrs Hall, a grade Grade II listed Georgian mansion overlooking Lake Windermere.

I am often joined on big jobs by my fellow photographer David Stubbs. Whilst David captured group shots, I focused on documenting smaller clusters of guests.

As a documentary wedding photographer I don’t pose my subjects. Though it’s sometimes necessary to provide guidance and encourage interaction with regards to image composition, I won’t instruct anyone to gaze passionately into each other’s eyes. I simply record real moments as they unfold. In my experience, the more natural the behaviour the more poignant the image; the look on a father’s face as his daughter appears in a gown tells a more powerful story than anything I could come up with.

The winning image is certainly a highlight of my Storrs Hall wedding photography. I love the detail and various expressions which capture the fun, emotion and laughter of the day.

Thank you

I am deeply flattered to be recognised by experts in the field of documentary wedding photography whom I admire. My deepest gratitude, however, goes to the couples who choose me to capture their big day – without you I wouldn’t be doing this.