Lancashire Tipi Wedding photography – Emma & Allan


I was booked by Emma and Allan three years ago ahead of their summer 2015 wedding, so when the big day finally arrived I was raning to go with the Lancashire tipi wedding photography.

On the big morning Emma was treated to her hair being professionally done by Kate at the Colour Bar. She looked stunning in a classic lace gown, and her cascading bouquet was particularly lovely. Her auburn hair was complemented by the day's green color scheme, in honour of Allan'Scottish heritage.

The service took place at St Lucke's church. What made this wedding extra special was the minister being Dave, cousin to the groom. As a personal touch, friends of the couple provided an acoustic performance.

Before the reception, there was an important stop to make, Allan wanted to share his big day with some important people, visiting the bench in memoriam of his grandparents on the beach. This was a time for reflection to remember memories, and create new ones. The light drizzle was foreseen with style as Allan held an umbrella above his bride.

The reception would take place in a Tipi at Hightown Cricket Club. A country road from the beach reflected the couple's journey, and we stopped traffic to achieve the perfect shot. Some vehicles were concerned whether the vintage car had broken down, so at least we would have made it to the reception.

This was my first time doing Lancashire tipi wedding photography, where the party would have been snug. Luckily after a rainy morning the sun shone so guests could enjoy the day. The tipi, bunting and colorful lanterns gave the party a laid back festival vibe, and fancy dress props meant guest got some quirky photos.

The speeches were emotional, and well wishes received from far and wide including Australia, the USA and Scotland. Guests finished the day with a traditional Ceilidh dance.

I hope married life is treating Emma and Allan well. If you are looking into Lancashire tipi wedding photography, please get in touch .

bride at the hairdresser
bride and bridesmaids at the hairdresser
bride with grooms card
bride and makeup
bride with friends
bride with upset friends
bridal dress
bridal preparations at parents house
getting in the wedding dress
bride with vale
sister of the bride
bridesmaids gift
groom with ushers
church wedding
groom and his best man
car arriving
mother of the bride
bride waking to the church
father of the bride
bride with her vale
grooms waiting
walking down the isle
wedding ceremony inside the church black and white
lancashire tipi wedding photography
high angle of the wedding ceremony
bride and groom dancing
black and white photos
above the service
bride and groom laughing
bride and groom waking outside the church
bride and groom congratulations
upset dad
two dads together
girls top time
friends in color photos
thrown the confetti outside the church
bride and groom on the beach
bride and groom with umbrella
coming inside the tipi
bridesmaids having a laugh
guest chatting
bride mother laughing
lancashire tipi wedding photography
bride and groom entrance
wedding breakfast
dad speech
woman at the speech
grooms speech
bride be upset
groom laughing
grooms father speech
black and white photo
guest in tears
girls guest laughing
bride and groom in the field
first dance
black and white dance
dad and grandma dancing
by Lancashire wedding photographer Hervé Gillet

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Jan, 08, 2016